Community Service

The Sandhills Patriots have always emphasized community service, with its most significant accomplishment being the creation of “The Mountain” field at Southern Pines Elementary School field. Thousands of hours of work have gone into the renovation and maintenance of the field by Patriots families. This massive undertaking has benefited other segments of the community as well as the children who attend Southern Pines Elementary School and utilize the field daily. The Patriots organization has also performed community service through the Wounded Warrior Project to assist military families, has worked with the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina to raise awareness for local hunger to collect food items, and provided assistance through services to benefit a local women’s shelter. The Patriots organization promotes breast cancer awareness by wearing pink socks each game during the month of October. These —and other — efforts to engage in community service help provide our players with a better sense of community and an appreciation for the struggles of others living in our area.



Football is an expensive sport. The Patriots purchase top of the line equipment and build and maintain its own playing field. The registration fee of $200 does not cover the basic expenses incurred over the course of the season. As a result, the Patriots organize team carwashes, raffles and golf tournaments to help subsidize the cost. Each Patriot family is expected to participate in fundraising efforts. NO money raised through fundraisers is ever spent for anything other than football-related activities and equipment for the benefit of our kids.


Fundraiser Committee NEEDED!

We need a handful of moms or dads or older brothers/sisters who can help us fundraise this year!

«We have designated fundraisers already:

  • Car Wash (Date/Time/Location TBD)
  • 4 Home Game gate & concessions

We need volunteers to assist with these fundraisers!

«We also need folks to help organize SPIRIT nights at local restaurants to raise money throughout the week (i.e. Brixx Buxx, Chilis, ChikFilA, etc).

«We also need folks to help talk to various vendors who want to offer their products for fundraising (Krispy Kreme donuts, Discount Cards, Mary Kay, PartyLite Candles, Jamberry, etc).

 Your obligations will include organizing, marketing and attending the events!

We will help with communication efforts through Facebook/Twitter/Text/Email and can print and laminate whatever you need.

If costs for supplies are an issue, our organization can reimburse you!

We just need volunteers to help! CONTACT US TODAY!

Many Thanks!!