Playing for the Sandhills Patriots is a privilege, NOT a right. Continued participation in this football program is contingent upon adherence to the Code of Conduct. Each Patriot has been selected because he has demonstrated athletic ability, commitment, and a strong work ethic. Do not take this opportunity for granted, and commit to following these rules:

1) RESPECT – You will treat your parents, teachers, classmates, coaches and teammates with respect. Your conduct on and off the field is a reflection not only on you and your family but also on the Sandhills Patriots organization.

2) TEAMWORK – Football is a team sport. No one player can win or lose a football game. Teamwork requires each of you to work together towards a common goal. It means you help players up after you knock them down. It means you encourage all teammates, even after they have made a mistake. Placing blame on a teammate is not acceptable. The only statistic that means anything at the end of the game is whether or not the team gave its very best effort.

3) CONDUCT – Each player will exhibit excellent conduct while participating in Sandhills Patriots activities. Our practice time is limited, therefore the team must make effective use of time. In order to accomplish this goal all players must understand and follow these basic rules:
(1) PAY ATTENTION AND DO NOT SPEAK while a coach is addressing the team.
(2) While the coach is addressing the team, your eyes are to be directed at the coach, and NOWHERE else.
(3) NEVER walk on the football field. If we take a break, you are to jog to the water station and jog back to your coach. If we split up into individual groups, you are to jog to your designated area.
(4) NEVER take off your helmet unless you are at a water break or your coach has given you permission to take off your helmet.
(5) NEVER sit on your helmet.
(6) NEVER sit on the ground. If you are not standing, you are to be kneeling on one knee.

4) TRAVEL – We will travel at least four times during the season, not including tournaments. We will meet at a designated location for those who wish to travel together. ALL PLAYERS MUST BE AT THE FIELD AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE THE START OF A GAME. All players will travel with their Patriots travel bag and will arrive wearing their game pants and game jersey (without shoulder pads). You will conduct yourselves as gentlemen at ALL times. If your parents are unable to attend a game and you are traveling with a coach, make sure the coach is aware of your whereabouts at ALL times before and after the game.

5) SCHOOL WORK – Each player is expected to keep up with his educational responsibilities. Your academic progress comes before your participation in the Sandhills Patriots. No child will be punished for missing practice due to an academic commitment, or the need to study for an upcoming test or complete a school project.

6) COMMUNICATION – You are expected to communicate with your coach if you cannot attend a team function, practice or game.