The Sandhills Patriots organization places an emphasis on the safety of all its’ players. Each coach is required to complete the Level I Coaches Certification through USA Football. In addition, a representative of our organization has been designated as the Player Safety Coach and has attended certification school at the Carolina Panthers Stadium in Charlotte, NC. The Patriots Player Safety Coach subsequently trains all coaches and holds a clinic for both players and parents focusing on concussion awareness and treatment, heat and hydration, player equipment and proper tackling techniques. Our organization also offers pre-season baseline testing for all players to assist medical care providers in the event of a concussion.



Because practice is limited to two days per week, the Patriots’ coaching staff relies heavily on parents to provide information about each player’s health and well-being outside the football setting. This includes a player medical questionnaire completed by each parent that provides staff with information about any medical condition which may affect a child’s ability to fully participate in our football program.

The Patriots organization also provides parents with information regarding the signs and symptoms of
a concussion as well as the proper protocol in treating a concussion once diagnosed. For more information,
please click to learn more about heat and hydration, heat related illness, and equipment fitting. 

Player safety is paramount. If at any time any parent has any question or concern about how a
medical situation is being handled, he or she is encouraged to communicate directly with the child’s
head coach or directors Craig Baggett or Tom Van Camp.