With respect to safety equipment, each Varsity player and many of the Junior Varsity players are provided with Riddell’s Revolution Speed helmets, considered one of the top youth helmets in the industry, and high quality shoulder pads. Each coach has been trained through the Patriots Player Safety Coach to properly size and fit all players with helmets and shoulder pads. If you would like to learn more about fitting your child property, please click here.



Sports are a great way for kids and teens to stay healthy while learning important team building skills. But there are risks to pushing the limits of speed, strength and endurance. Athletes who push the limits sometimes don’t recognize their own limitations — especially when they’ve had a concussion. Please take a moment to read through the important information here.



Heat illnesses represent conditions resulting from heat stress, which can be imposed by a number of factors, but usually result from the environment or the body creating this heat load itself. Heat illnesses can range from minor to severe, and in particular exertional heat stroke is a life-threatening emergency. Athletes may not realize when they are reaching their limits and continue to push hard at practice. It is vitally important that players, coaches and parents learn to recognize and manage heat illnesses. Please click here for more information.



Proper tackling can make the difference between life or death. Please click here to learn more about the proper way to tackle and here for blocking techniques.



Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the number one cause of death among youth and teen athletes during sports. We require each of our families to provide us with their child’s most current medical history so that we are best prepared should someone collapse while during practice or game. Please click here for more information.